The Next Step

This winter in the mid-West has been miserable at best. I am lucky enough to have had several opportunities to escape to warmer climates for certification/testing and deliveries. As of yesterday, my home marina was still iced in with several inches of ice to melt yet.

Sub-zero temperatures last month caused a near catastrophe on a Catalina 30 in our fleet. The raw water intake ball valve split and the bilge pump failed due to either freezing or faulty float switch. The owner discovered 6-8″ of water in the cabin that reached half-way up the engine block. We will be changing the oil in the transmission and engine and hoping for the best. The dipstick did not show water in the engine oil, but the transmission was a different story.

There was a cold front that came through Saturday night and we had 45kt gust. The tarp covering the cockpit and companion way of Spirito got stretched and the bungee holding the tarp down whipped into the starboard port light,  shattering it and the trim ring. UGH.

I am off to Antigua where I will be getting PADI certified for open water. I have never  experienced SCUBA, and I am looking to add this to my knowledge base.

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