Frequently Asked Questions

What type of boats do you deliver?
Any type and size of powerboat or sailboat, private or commercial. Our captains have over 4,000 days of combined documented sea time experience.

What areas do you deliver to?
Worldwide deliveries.

Does the boat need to have insurance?
Yes. Our captains carry personal insurance that covers themselves, not the vessel. The owner must contact his insurance company and ask that the captain be added as an “also insured” for the duration of the delivery. The owner will provide a copy of his insurance policy showing the policy is current and that the captain is insured to deliver the boat. It is also recommended that the owner carry a towing insurance policy in the event of breakdown or other unforeseen event.

What condition should the vessel be in?
As well-maintained as possible. The engines need to be in good running order and recently serviced with a few spare parts – fuel filters, etc. All the navigation equipment, lights and radios should also be in good repair, vessel must have an auto helm, safety gear, fire extinguishers and life rafts must also be in good condition.

What do you need on board?
All required USCG safety equipment. Paper and electronic charts for the areas to be sailed. All vessel documentation must be up to date and on board. We will provide you a list of additional items with your quote.

What if the boat needs repairs during the trip?
As professional mariners, our captains can do reasonable repairs for normal maintenance items such as fuel filters, stuffing box, water pump impellers, lights, etc. However, our captains are not certified mechanics and will involve approved mechanics for any repair outside of their capabilities. For any major repairs we would call you and put the boat into the nearest harbor. The best repair is preventive maintenance. Replacing fuel filters, impellers, belts, hoses, etc. that are in need of repair before a trip will save you time and money.

How are weather or mechanical delays handled?
We use good judgement on our routings to avoid weather delays; however, if weather prevents us from continuing we ensure the crew and vessel’s safety and communicate with the owner. Weather related delays are paid at one-half our normal day rate. Mechanical delays are handled similarly.

How far do you travel per day?
Every vessel is different, sailboats travel about 100 to 144 miles per day. Power boats anywhere from 140 to 240 miles per day.

How do I keep in touch with the captain during the delivery?
Our captains carry a cell phone and computer with text and email for most foreign countries. We check e-mail at each stop and will keep in touch and update you on our progress. Our captains also carry a GPS tracking device and will provide the owner with a link to the appropriate website for updates on progress.

Can we come with you?
Yes, if the owner or guests want to tag along, they are more than welcome. It is a great way to get more experience and learn about your boat. There are many owners that come along. All that we ask is that you recognize that we are professional mariners and we were hired to safely deliver your yacht to its destination, the captain is in charge. This is for the safety of the crew, passengers and the vessel.

Do you offer instruction?
Yes, our captains and crew offer instruction to boat owners and we also offer assistance to owners wanting to make an offshore passage or an ICW trip. We will instruct all aspects of safe seamanship, anchoring, and navigation, for either sail and power boats. All instruction is given aboard your boat while underway. Owners are welcome join us on their delivery in order to learn. Please check our rates for instruction.

Are your Captains employees of Deliver My Yacht?
No, our captains and crews are independent operators. Each captain will set their own rate and negotiate with owners. Deliver My Yacht is a referral service for captains and crews to help owners have a hassle free delivery. We encourage owners to request references and credentials from their delivery captain.

Additional questions? Just email and I will get back to you right away.

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